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What is Thin Client Computing?
The most prevalent computing model for medium size businesses--and even many large companies--is personal computer workstations connected to one or more servers. This hybrid between mainframe computing and stand-alone personal computers allows data and files to be shared among workstations. However, it is costly in terms of hardware and software purchasing, repairs and upgrades.

The Thin Client “diskless” concept takes personal computer networks one step further by removing the need for software at each station. Computer workstations are all linked to centralized servers, similar to the mainframe model. However, Thin Client architecture is more sophisticated, more powerful, and more affordable. With Thin Client, individual terminals contain no applications or data. With a keyboard and a mouse, the user can access core business functions such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, email and instant messaging, calendaring and related functions, Internet browsing, and printing. There is no need for programs to be installed individually at each workstation--the processing power, applications and maintenance are all concentrated in the servers.

Some of the Benefits of Thin Client Computing
The major advantages of a Thin Client configuration are:

  • Computer hardware is smaller, more powerful and more affordable; capital costs for equipment are reduced and installation is faster.
  • High-speed networking links all terminals—both local and wide area.
  • A wide array of application software is available for all industries.
  • Desktop equipment is immune to virus attacks.
  • Instead of putting out brushfires with personal computers or installing individual software, your IT staff can concentrate on more important activities central to your company’s mission.

A Word about “Migration” or Making the Change…
“Migrating” from your current computing system to a Thin Client configuration needn’t break your technology budget, nor does it need to happen all at once. The best way to start is to break away from dependence on proprietary applications, and then move gradually through the implementation steps. A controlled move allows everyone to become proficient with components of the new system before moving on. Lille Corp will help you plan and implement the change from your present environment to Thin Client computing.

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