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More than ever before, intruders, viruses and employee misuse threaten the security of your company’s data and networks. Infringement on your internal or external security can disrupt workflow, hamper communication, and even bring your company’s operation to a temporary halt.

To keep your assets and processes secure, you need a comprehensive plan that identifies the security-sensitive areas in your computer environment and the best mix of software and hardware applications that would best protect them.

Lille Corp designs such in-depth custom plans.

Our highly trained technicians are experts at:

  • Assessing a company’s technology security needs
  • Designing an integrated security program that is built into the wired and wireless network
  • Testing the program and monitoring its performance over time
  • Updating the security software as newer versions become available.

Here are a few of the tools Lille Corp uses to create a comprehensive security plan that keeps your computer environment secure:

Firewalls: A virtual barrier against intruders. Analyze incoming and outgoing data and allow or block the transmission of that data according to the company’s security policy.

VPN: Virtual private networks allow data to pass securely over public networks through the use of encryption technology that creates safe connections. They enable public networks like the Internet to provide the same security as a private network.

Intrusion Detection Systems: Protect against misuse of or attacks against the network. Detect and deflect intrusions and search for gaps in security through which hackers gain entrance.

Security Policy:
Internal security policies should address threats to a company’s intellectual assets or networks. Policies should include employee responsibilities, security practices, and acceptable/unacceptable practices for network and Internet access.

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