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Linux is a reliable, secure, cost-effective operating system that is continually updated with the latest computer technologies. It’s a viable choice for corporate use, regardless of the size of the office or enterprise.

Using Linux on the desktop is an alternative to using Microsoft Windows and its office suite. The desktop configuration is clean and fast. And because our typical desktop comprises just the core applications you intend to run, the overall size of the desktop is much smaller than that of traditional systems.

Personal computer workstations require the purchase and installation of proprietary commercial software products. And, of course, they are expensive and restrictive in terms of modification or re-use. Linux desktop applications make optimum use of open source products--software available under General Public License or through the Open Source Software Initiative. These products guarantee a company the freedom to use the software for any purpose, modify it to suit specific needs and distribute it among all users. Open source programs have shown themselves to be reliable and stable, even under the rapidly changing conditions of the Internet. And more good news--open source offers a wide array of software applications that can be used by companies of all sizes and missions.

  • Through Linux, a company reaps the benefits of predictable future costs and increased stability. Here are several other attractive features of Linux desktop:
  • All small office computing needs can be met without the licensing overhead and unknown future pricing for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows.
  • In fact, open source solutions such as Ximian's Evolution and OpenOffice can replace Microsoft’s office suite of Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • No more worries about forced upgrades when proprietary software companies drop support for a product. In the open source world, as long as someone is using the
    product, it is being supported. And for those who choose to, it can be supported by your own company once you have access to the source code.
  • Linux is not as susceptible to viruses as Microsoft Window, making it more secure and efficient.

Where Lille Corp Comes In…

Lille Corp’s expertise is in implementing cost-effective solutions that leverage open source products. Specifically, here’s what we do to help your company develop a Linux-based desktop:

  • Analyze your present computing environment
  • Working with you, determine your present and future technology needs
  • Design a program that meets current needs and “leaves room” for future growth
    or change
  • Select and locate open sources for the appropriate products
  • Modify or customize the products for your particular needs
  • Implement the program and train you and your employees on the new operating system

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