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Jordan Rosen, the founder of Lille Corp, has spent much of his professional career analyzing corporate office workflow and streamlining office technology procedures. His interest and expertise in this area led him to develop a major document imaging product, which he introduced in 1992.

Subsequently, and as a result of this expertise, Mr. Rosen was hired by Key Bank as Director of Development for document imaging and workflow solutions. During his five years with Key Bank, Mr. Rosen developed numerous programs and tools for business process engineering and workflow management.

In 1998, he formed Lille Corp to apply this knowledge for the benefit of businesses in many other industries, creating custom information technology solutions for their small and mid-size offices. His first project focused on productivity enhancement in the health care sector, specifically in the area of medical records. Mr. Rosen saw that most medical offices underutilized their existing office technology, or had limited technology resources because it was beyond their budget.

Thus was born the mission of Lille Corp:

  • Put the right software and hardware together to optimize efficient workflow, at an affordable price

  • Create greater efficiencies today while keeping an eye focused on the future.

These are the guiding principles Mr. Rosen used to develop custom plans for his clients then, and they continue to guide his work today.

One of the tools Mr. Rosen developed for the health care sector was an on-line medical records solution for dictating physicians. He saw that the Internet could provide busy physicians with a low-cost source of data management services.

Lille Corp launched the eScribe medical records system in 1998 based on specific input from physicians, and continues to use this unique system as one component of a comprehensive technology solution for medical practices.

As Lille Corp grew through the 1990s and the early 21st century, its client base expanded to include many industries and offices of all sizes. Small offices, medium-size offices, and enterprise companies all benefit from Lille Corp’s proven experience in developing custom office technology solutions.

Any reputable IT firm can help a company improve its present technology. What sets Lille Corp apart is its mission of helping companies prepare for their future technology needs. In partnership with top companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Citrix and Red Hat, Lille Corp can assist any size company with improved efficiency and communication while investing in its future technology.

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